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Males - Do you like women that wear lots of makeup or the natural look??

How about somewhere in between? I like it when women wear makeup, but not when it's overdone. Makeup should be used as a way to highlight natural features.Males - Do you like women that wear lots of makeup or the natural look??
It's depend. We understand that you want to look beautiful for us and sometimes, you have no choice but to use make-up. Also, pls look presentable to your bf friends, you might need to put make-up. However, if marriage is involve, the natural look will have to be prefered cause we dun expect you to wear make-up everyday.Males - Do you like women that wear lots of makeup or the natural look??
They want natural beauty..There isn't one guy out there that wants to eat ten pounds of lipstick just to get it on...They hate it!
I like women who can wear makeup and still look natural.
natural is best for me.
They like it when its in between and medium
Natural. Too much makeup and she looks like she is fake somehow. Just my preference.
I like them natural without artificial fragrances or makeup. The smell of a clean woman is better than any perfume.

The makeup is there to hide something from the world. Same goes with the Wonder Bras.
I like eye Shadow on a female

For females, makeup for males?

What do you think of men that use makeup?

If men using makeup what should they use?For females, makeup for males?
look pet, mostly whether you can wear 'make-up' depends on YOU! can you handle being singled out in a crowd - and not always in a good way?

AVON has a nice 'tinted' moisturiser that makes the skin look smoother - without making it obvious that the person is wearing make-up. It was actually designed for MEN not WOMEN - face it, how many females do you know that don't look like they use a trowel to put their foundation on?????

Forget Mascarra - unless you have a sister willing to teach you how to dilute it so you only get the colour - not the lengthening or the clumps. Genetically guys have longer eyelashes anyway so they would only need 'colourising' BETTER YET - Go Get Them Tinted! Beauty Salons do guys eyelashes quite often and it will last about a month!

For the lips.... try a moisturiser like the tinted lipsmakers (just go close to your natural lip colour or it will be obvious your wearing it!)

Eyeshadow - you shouldn't need it but if you are determined to use it buy a GOOD quality set that has no sheen or sparkle. The idea is not to make it glaringly obvious you have it on, just to accent your natural features.

A matt eyeshadow set in colours close to your skin tone will work best.

As for applying - well that depends on your eye shape! Just read any good 'girly' mag on beauty tips (or contact a AVON representative or NEUTRIMETICS consultant in your area - they can be searched for on their online sites - that way no-one else will know your buying the 'make-up' either, if your worried about that, that is!) They should be able to give you tips and they do get requests for stuff from guys too so they shouldn't react funny to any questions on make-up and applying it!

Hope that helps!For females, makeup for males?
I think it's perfectly fine for a man to use a little foundation to smooth out the appearance of the skin on their faces - if they have blemishes, broken blood vessels, etc. just like we do. Now, if they're wanting to get into eyeshadows, mascara, eye liner, etc. then I would wonder if why they would be interested in looking like a woman!
Mascara never hurt anyone.And guys have a right to great lashes just like the girls do.
it wouldn't bother me if my guy wore tinted moisturizer but anything else would be a bit too much.
If it's Keith Richards, it's cute. If it's Johnny Depp, it's okay. But no other man should ever ever wear makeup.

I like to think of my man as being free from vanity and I don't think I could look at him in the same way again if he pinched my mascara.

(Was there during the glam rock age and it did nothing for me, then.)
I used to date a guy that wore heavy eyeliner (always black). He was a professional model.

He had the most gorgeous brown eyes.....and it just enhanced his eyes and cheekbones...

On the right guy....FANTASTIC!
Men shouldn't use makeup....

If you are not an actor and are in the process of making a performance, then, you should not wear makeup...
Depends what make-up you're talking about. Some men use make-up to achieve a natural more polished look (a la Ryan Seacrest though is his look really natural? arguable) or some use it to achieve a rocker look (a la Keith Richards and many little emo boys running around). I don't like the eyeliner personally;however, some of the other stuff I do like. I have a few guy friends (metero ones who aren't gay) who use bronzer, tinted moisturizer, clear mascara, and chapstick and they look good. Those are what I've come to accept though I wouldn't advertise your newest shade of MAC foundation around the gym unless you're okay with being beaten up.
Okay.... i love it when guys wear eyeliner. i think it's one of the hottest things ever..... And I'm not even Goth...........

boys in eyeliner = HOT
This is a tough question. It mostly depends on your own personal beliefs. I am a raging ';equalist'; who believes in equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. Personally, I believe to discriminate against males wearing make-up would be sexist, since it is openly accepted among women. Besides, women always have to option to wear make-up on days that their skin is a bit blotchy or the pimple-monster decided to curse them in their sleep, but men don't. It's almost not fair that women are allowed to look attractive on less-than-perfect skin days, but men aren't.

Men that use make-up are no less secure or more ';weird'; than women who wear make-up. Men should be allowed to look as attractive as women are and the fact that they are thought of as ';odd'; if they try to better themselves is sexist behavior.

Men should--if they decide to wear make-up--wear very subtle, light make-up. Eye shadows should be avoided. Foundations, powders, some eyeliner and even mascara should be applied in modesty. Just like women, the make-up should have a very natural look, like it was meant to be there rather than put on.
I don't think any man should wear makeup unless you are in a rock band. It seems too feminine to me.
Unless that man is in the theater, I think makeup is better left to women.
I think if a guy weasrs a little bit of black eyeliner around his eyes he will look cute :)
I don't really think men should wear makeup. Girls like guys however that look clean and well kept. Son instead of makeup just moisturiser regualrly to keep your skin soft and healthy looking. Make sure you shave regularly and your hair looks neat.

If you are a rock guy then i think black eyeliner can look cute but only on some people.
if your a rocker, emo, punk, grundge, goth its okay:eyeliner, mascara, maybe some white or light face powder. if your goth maybe some black makeup under your eyes and DARK lipstick. if your not a rocker and not gay than i wouldn't suggest using any.
i cannot imaging seein my man wearing man up on even putting it on i think it gay i think u need to use a face moisturizer

High fashion makeup/photography males?

How do I use lighting and color when making up and taking pictures of males? The colors, can they go lighter, at times?High fashion makeup/photography males?
it depends on their skin color. if you have someone that is pale you want to use a warmer light, like using a reflector with a gold shade. If they are super tan than you want to use a silver reflector. 3/4 lighting is always the most flattering, for portraits. you can shoot your photos in raw and edit the lighting in photoshop using filters. shooting in raw prevents the photos from getting grainy
  • hair highlights
  • Why don't males wear makeup?

    Why do most females wear makeup to clear up blemishes but not males? Why not just not wear makeup at all then? I'm just curious...

    thx for helping!Why don't males wear makeup?
    its just tradition i guess. this is a stretch to the imagination but maybe it just happened that way for men not to wear makeup so girls would have an advantage (since girls have enough to worry about already). what i mean is if guys dont wear makeup then you dont have to wonder what they'll look like in the morning. we can appreciate them even more perhaps.

    why not wear makeup at all? idk i guess we just have to look pretty all the time. its part of being a girl. maybe it has to do with the Greek myths. people heard about Aphrodite and somehow later came up with the idea that women should look beautiful like Aphrodite.

    the men are just supposed to be rugged and the women glamorous. personally i dont like them very rugged. i dont like it when guys dont shave (it might have somewhat to do with my age..if a guy this age doesnt it makes him look older than he should)

    it could also be another way to set us apart from the males. its what makes a woman a woman.Why don't males wear makeup?
    I can't withstand the smell of makeup, also my friends.

    When my sister uses makeup the smell of it gives me a terrible feeling.
    In most societies, cosmetics are a means of differentiating male and female. Most places, women have a want to fine-tune their looks to appeal to husbands and prospective husbands. The Egyptians, for instance, practically invented nail varnish, using an extract of henna bark; the shade varied from a light orange for the wives of lower-level officials to a burnt-sienna brown for the queen.

    Personally, I do not care for makeup any more than any other non-metero male. In fact, back during my high school years, a makeup artist put concealer on a blemish that I had at the time for a class photo shoot, and I ended up with a worse breakout than would have otherwise have been the case--typical of the autistic, I have allergy to certain cosmetic products, due to congenital immunology issues unrelated to vaccines and mercury. Besides, most men favor the raw look.
    i suppose its because most girls wear makeup to look pretty, so guys don't have much of a reason, unless they wear eyeliner i guess
    Since ancient times, its traditional for the female to ';paint'; (in these days, apply) makeup. Wouldn't you think it was weird if a guy walked up to you and you realized he was wearing mascara and lipstick? The only cases in which its not considered gay is if you're a male movie star or a scene/goth kid.

    ~ Elle
    Because people would question a male's masculinity and say he is gay or girly.

    Not logical, but that's the way it is.
    Some of us do--not many I'm afraid, but a growing number.

    There is no rational argument that men should simply play the cards they are dealt while women have all the freedom to conceal and augment. In a nutshell, men should wear makeup (if they want to), and women shouldn't have to (if they prefer not to).

    There is no connection between the desire to improve one's look and sexual preference, but this card always gets played. Interestingly enough, I see it more on yahoo from young women. Are you threatened, ladies?

    In 50 years, everyone will be wearing makeup to some extent. The pioneers are starting already.
    i wonder the same thing. i guess they conside make-up too ';feminine';. but i know some guys that could really benefit from a little of it at least! haha, good question!
    Personally I like to paint my Toe Nails!!!
    i gess if a boii haz a reellyy big spot dey mite try nd sneekly use hiz mums makeup 2 SUTELY cover it up

    how do yuu kno boiiz don wear it lol???


    males do when they are on tv
    i think eventually, men will wear makeup, its just like, when men could only wear pants, and women could only wear skirts, men could only have short hair, woman should only have long. its just a strange culture thing, but hey! celebraties that are guys wear makeup!

    Do males wear makeup?

    I was considering wearing lip gloss or mascara.

    Is that normal?

    Yours, The GiraffeDo males wear makeup?
    Only if you're in KISSDo males wear makeup?
    is this for real?

    no, guysDONT wear makeup, unless they are obviously gay, a clown, or an emo (which usually means they're gay anyway).

    trust me,

    its really really really really really really ridiculous seeing a guy wearing makeup. it cracks me up. i mean nothing agaisnt gay people its just the makeup thing.. just looks silly.. i dont even like it much on girls.. i mean who wants to look like plastic anyway?
    some men are wearing make up i mean there are guys in the music industry like most of them are playing in the rock band and are wearing eye liner ,nail polish etc...

    but as for everyday look i think that it would be a bit awkward

    i gotta be honest and admit that when i had severe acne problems i was wearing my mom's concealer to cover them up
    if its who you are. or if your lips are dry use chapstick. and if your eyelashes are very light you could use a little brown mascara. if you have a pimple a medicated concealer, well blended. a little matte bronzer across the areas where the sun naturally hits. otherwise, be prepared for being looked at.
    Mascara you can probably get away with.

    Lip gloss, no.

    The only make up I wear is cover up. I need to hide some pimples and some red spots sometimes.
    Do whatever you want, just do it tastefully. I sometimes wear a bit of black eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes look darker.
    no that is not normal... but do whatever u want.. if you arent scared of what people think of you..

    people will either think you're gay, or emo.. unless you make it really unnoticeable
    Giraffe, %26lt;3

    Wel duh.

    Some mascara will make your eyes pop %26amp;

    some lip gloss will give your lips a nice shine .

    *You XGF will wanna be kissing those lips (:
    no thats not good!the only time it is ok to wear make up is to cover a pimple or a scar and thats it!!a guy SHOULD NEVER wear mascara or LIP GLOSS!!!!
    ummm, it's normal if your a TRANSVESTITE

    Lipstick. Not lip gloss!

    When do they learn!
    Mascara maybe you'll get away with

    But lip gloss, is kind of abnormal for a guy
    no it is not normal at all unless u r a homosexual or a dirty emo or goth
    yo that a gay like thing or punk type also as a 80s type music thing but sure if you want to go ahead do it
    yes, if your name is oliver howard. (facebook me betch)
    I apply eye liner
    I do I dress up like a girl sometimes
    no, unless its like some cove rup for like a zit or something
    yes lots do
    no we don't use it

    What's the best makeup brand for males??

    And come on, be open minded. :-) concealers, bronzers, etcWhat's the best makeup brand for males??
    it shouldnt be any different to female's bronzers and foundations, i mean be open minded too, were the same species, we have the same skin, lol. mac is good :) and i think if guys wants to wear they could, everyone wants to hide imperfections right and accentuate features, not everyones perfectWhat's the best makeup brand for males??
    I didnt no men wore make up :S

    I suppose concealers would be best

    Answer mine please?鈥?/a>
    LOR脡AL PARIS will be best for you. depend on you requirement, check for VICHY also.
    how about make-up is for females.
    there's no best make-up *for guys*, just try them all and see which is best for your skin :)

    Is it true that males wear the makeup in the animal kingdom?

    E.g look at the male peacock isn't he more prettier than the female?Is it true that males wear the makeup in the animal kingdom?
    Definitely, but it mostly seems to be the birds for some reason.Is it true that males wear the makeup in the animal kingdom?
    i am pretty sure that humans are the only species that wears revlon.
    Your pretty, That's all that matters... Right !?
    Yes it is,in the main,males in the animal world are better looking.Certainly with birds,they have the better and brighter colouring.............
    Animals aren't as judgemental as humans...
    In most cases (especially among birds)the male is the flashier of the two.

    But it's the same old story among all species. The male is trying to get a girl's attention!
    males usualy are'''
    skin infection